Belfazaar Ashantison,the Vampire Voodoo Blood Drinker claims I was never Targeted Energetically by his Vampire Friend!

Energy Workers targeted me with Psychic Attacks.

Self-Identified Vampire Belfazaar Ashantison: Head of the House of Mystic Echos, a subset of the New Orleans based organization NOVA: New Orleans Vampire Association.

Not to long ago I confronted Self Identified Vampire, Belfazaar Michael Bousum Ashantison and his Facebook Community NOVA: New Orleans Vampire Community on the Date November 28 of 2018.

I was a member of Michael’s Facebook group in 2018 because I was curious about the Vampire Community and wanted to learn more about the World of Vampires in his Facebook group. I also had a gut feeling that there were members in this group that some how some way were connected to an individual who was an Astral Vampire that had been targeting me for months with Psychic Attacks.

I had had enough and I looked at how I could possibly make contact with this man and maybe his Vampire Coven and ask the man targeting me to please stop astral projecting to me and pulling on my energy.

I will be posting screenshots from the conversation that I had with founding member of NOVA Belfazaar (Zaar) and other members reactions and their statements they made towards me as we go along. I was only asking for info about a man who was putting holes in my aura, visiting me in astral projection form with his friends and he was pulling my energy out of my body through negative energetic attachments with out my permission.

I was very eager to possibly put an end to his Psychic Attacks on my energy field by approaching him on social media and asking him to Please do so.

Actor Energy Worker Jackson Rathbone ,who likes to portray the Vampire Lestat DeLioncourt, is a Psychic Vampire. Nothing more and nothing less and he is the man that was targeting me Energetically for months.

Below is the post that made the shit hit the fan so to speak for Zaar which gave him reasons to rant at me, so he thought, with hateful persecution. As if he was judging me in some political manner and I am not even a Self-Identified Vampire within his association.

I was merely reaching out to anyone in his group that would help me stop a person from hurting me and my energy field. This is a fact!

It's like letting someone keep punching you in the face. Would you let someone keep punching you in the face? It hurts of course. It also hurts when someone pulls your energy out of your body through negative energetic cords of attachments.

It hurts and can be very painfully physically and mentally when someone pushes their ugly negative emotional energy into your body. It is also very painful and brings that person high anxiety and depressive emotional energy into their body because you are taking on all of the person's negative emotional energy that is full of anxiety and depressive thoughts.

This is what an energy worker could do to you and your energy field and this is what I had to endure with Energy Worker Jackson Rathbone (who likes to portray the Vampire Lestat DeLeoncourt) with some of his coven friends.

One of his friends in particular, Drew Salisbury, helped him on many occasions target my energy field. Below are my posts shared to Zaar in his facebook group. I will speak about the posts as I go along.

Left Photo Lestat DeLioncourt AKA Jackson Rathbone & on the right is Drew Salisbury,. Right photo is Lestat DeLioncourt AKA Jackson Rathbone, girly, Armand J. O'Meara Photography from New Orleans
He is justifying that because he knows Jackson Rathbone who likes to portray Lestat DeLioncourt SO WELL then there for he would never Target me and pull my energy. What a Crock of Shit!

These posts show the ranting and ridiculing I had to endure from Zaar. After all the verbal abuse thrown at me in Zaars facebook group, I then decided to look into who he was in the Vampire Community in New Orleans.

I found out that it is not uncommon at all for Zaar to rant. In one particular ranting session Zaar ranted towards another self identified Vampire, Becka Wood.

Becka contributed an article to a website discussing her theories on homeostasus and if it is a possible connection to sanguinarianism. Her Vampirologist friend David Hogg wrote an article about the verbal abuse and ranting his friend had to endure by Zaar in the Vampire Community.

Zaar referred to Becka as someone of "Dubious Nature". This doesn't surprise me at all after the tirades I was put through in his facebook group, NOVA.

You can read about the article here on this link called Is Vampire Community News Favoritist? Case of the Vampire Voodoo Blood Drinker by David Hogg.

I would like to point out that there was no compassion towards me, a Human, merely asking for help from self identified Vampires in a closed facebook group.

These people did not wanted to help stop this man and his friends from hurting me. They also refused to acknowledge that he was even possibly responsible for the energetic abuse inflicted upon my energy field. They justified that their reason they protected him was because he was their friend. So in other words he could murder me and it is ok because he is their friend. Well it ain’t happening! No one is going to keep hurting me any more!

Below are a few more posts. Jackson Rathbone's good friend, Michelle West, jumped in the conversation and it went as followed

Michelle West clearly said that she knows Lestat DeLioncourt AKA Jackson Rathbone very well and that he does not use Social Media so she says. This is a Lie Which I just proved so.

Then Michelle goes on to say that Lestat does not engage in nonsense in which she insinuated I like to put out

Because Michelle West is his Self identified Vampire friend and she refuses to help me in anyway demands that I must be mistaken. Well I know I am not mistaken. My Life and Energy are important to me! These people could care less about me. Their friend is the one that is important here.  They are trying to protect him not me. They do not want to protect me by delivering the message to Jackson Rathbone and his friends. They definitely act as if they don't want to tell him and his friends to stop pulling my energy. No! This is not what is important to here. She must instead stand up and protect her friend, who has been hurting me and my energy field. Then Zaar jumps in and says he wants me to Remote Veiw him.
Zaar continued to rant on about Psychic Medium John Edward and my accounts of him draining my energy through negative energetic attachments since January 2015. Once again Zaar called me a Lier. Below is my Blog about the Dream Meeting I shared with Psychic Medium John Edward in 2015 which resulted in me getting energy draining negative energetic cords of attachments. Which reeked havic on my energy field there by putting multiple holes in my Aura and John also inflicted terrorizing lower level entities upon me.
Pick on someone none of us knows she comments. Really SERIOUSLY. I am picking on Jackson Rathbone? What a Racket! So if they know him then they are definitely going to protect him at all costs which can been seen here in these posts. My Energy and Life are not important to these people . They make this evident and clear with their verbal attacks towards me.The Rants by Zaar continue before he ends his posts by calling me a Lier. Below are his hateful rants
I am not a Lier. I proved Jackson Rathbone who likes to portray the Vampire Lestat definitely uses social media. I am not a Psychic Peeking Tom.  It is hard to prove that an Energy Worker has been pulling another persons energy through negative energetic attachments. This will always be a loop hole any Energy Worker will have which will enable that person to get away in hurting another.

These people are always going to protect their Vampire Buddies. This is their protocol in their circles I do believe. They protect their own. Who is to know in their Vampire World what would happen if they didn't.

In my case there is no compassion. In Becka Wood's case their was no warning. She was kicked out of the group as was I, kicked out of Zaar's Facebook Group NOVA with no warning. As well Zaar ranted in response to her article she posted on a Vampire Learning Center website as he did towards my Posts in his group.

Zaar wrote the Donor Bill of Rights in the Vampire Community of New Orleans and he sticks by them. He also stated in the film Vampires-Episode 3-Zaar Feeds that Vampires are like you and me on this link Zaar Feeds Unfortunately the video has been deleted from the internet.

Quote by Zaar ~ “The Vampires in your community may be brothers Sisters, lovers, friends, wives, mothers, fathers, cousins, and maybe that guy next door, the guy at the grocery, the girl at the check out counter. We are all around and we are just trying to be like everybody else and LIVE!"


Because that is what some of his Vampire friends do or at least they did to me. The pulling of my energy out of my body through negative energetic cords of attachments will give the Energy Worker my energy that I need and this is what I have been going through with Jackson Rathbone who likes to portray the Vampire Lestat DeLioncourt and with some of his close Vampire friends.

Don’t be a Victim of Psychic Attack like me. Learn to protect your self from Energy Workers/Psychic Vampires and people who are targeting you with Demons.

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