Comedian Self Help Guru Russell Brand likes to pull my energy thru cords of attachments.

I had no idea there were so many energy workers in the world until recently and I never imagined in my wildest dreams that one day I would be at the fight of my life with some famous celebrities from England and the U.S.

Since January of 2015 I have under gone an immense amount of psychic attacks and energy drain by the hands of celebrities, energy workers, a famous American Pop singer, and American Psychic Mediums who are famous in New York. These people are ruthless and have an agenda with my life.

About five years ago in January of 2015 was the first time I was approached by some of these people. The purpose of their engagement with me was to attach negative energetic attachments to my body.

I shared a dream meeting with three people in January 2015 that resulted in me getting cords of attachments. If you would like to read about this dream meeting. It is on my Newsletter called Understanding Cords of Attachments and My Dream meeting I shared with Psychic Medium John Edward

The sole purpose of all the intentional targeted psychic attacks and all the energy pull I received on the energetic centers on my body is to harm me and my life, there by draining my life force energy from my energy body/subtle body and there by possibly killing me.

The negative energetic cords of attachments also allow the Energy Worker to push there negative energy into your energy body as well they are able to pull your energy out of your body through the negative energetic attachments.

You might say to yourself that I had to have done something to have these people come after me. I suspect the reason that they were targeting me and have been targeting me is because they're trying to stop me from having organized criminals indicted that have a breach of fiduciary with my trust and embezzled millions from my trust.

Meanwhile these same white collar Attorneys use my mother's name with identity theft in Greenwood, Mississippi.

Sometimes there are other reasons that cause an Energy Worker to pull another persons energy and target them with Psychic Attacks. They could be jealous of that person and might want to hurt them energetically.

They could also want their energy to mimic the other person, to be like that person if you will, but for what ever reason they are undoubtedly intentionally inflicting unwanted pain upon the person's energy field. This can in the end be detrimental to the persons health.

Like most people we like to take care of our health by eating healthy, playing sports on occasion, exercising and for what ever the reason we all need energy to accomplish these every day tasks in our life.

One individual that has pulled my energy on occasion so he may accomplish his every day tasks a little bit better with my energy he is using in his energy body is Russell Brand.

Comedian Russell Brand came into my life last year about a month after Katy Perry had connected negative energetic attachments to my body with the help of one of her Hindu Guru friends.

I did force them to come into my life. They chose to hurt me energetically. They made the first move and still to this day have not stopped pulling my energy out of my body.

It is a scary thought that I could have to endure in the future any more of their psychic attacks to my body and who is to say that they don't already attack my family with Psychic Attacks and Demons.

I have shared dreams with Russell Brand a few times. One dream I shared with Russell Brand was when he was with one of his Hindu Indian Friends of his.

I was not expecting to see what was presented before me in the dream. At the time I had the dream my Chihuahua was sleeping next to me. He was also in the dream meeting. Animals can share dreams with people as so can humans with humans.

So here I am in this dream meeting with Russell Brand and his Hindu friend and before I knew it Russell Brands Hindu Indian Friend handed me or should I say presented to me my dear sweet Chihuahuas severed head on a decorative silver plater and his head was also cut in half with a knife.

So not only was his head severed and laying on top of this silver plater it was cut in half with a knife. This was initially done to hurt me mentally and emotionally because my dog is my family. They are ruthless and Evil. What did I and my dog do to deserve to be treated this way. Not a Damn thing! I am a targeted individual.

In another dream I shared with Russell Brand he was there and his hindu friend who ran up to me in the dream and punched me with his astral body's right fist into my solar plexus area of my stomach. I actually felt the physical pain from the punch the Hindu Indian threw with his astral body to my stomach.

Russell Brand's Hindu friend wanted me to have something to remember him by and scary things like this can occur in a dream meeting setting with you if you're being targeted.

I have shared many dreams with different people, but this man and Russell Brand and his Hindu friends are some of the most ruthless hateful people I have every experienced while in a dream meeting.

Russell did not only share dreams with me. He also intentionally targeted my energy body and pulled my energy out of my body through negative energetic attachments.

When Russell was brought into my life energetically around August of 2018 he was with Pop Singer Katy Perry. I suspect Katy Perry brought him into my life to help her with her agenda she has with my life and my energy field.

One day when I was taking a daytime nap from being lethargic from all the energy being pulled from my body through negative energetic attachments. I started to feel a pull in the area where my heart chakras and Solar Plex Chakras are located. It was a painful energetic pull being administered to me by Russell Brand.

I was taken back and was like "Hell No What the Fuck is going on here!" Then as the energy drain went along within seconds I started to remote viewed Russell Brand and him wrestling another man in what look like to me like one of his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes. I am a little confused as to why he pulled my energy at this time in his life.

Was it because his genitals were rubbing and touching the other man's genitals and for some reason he was horny maybe and he thought about me and then the other possibility is that he just wanted an extra boost of energy to help him with his wrestling match in his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes he likes to attend.

Who knows why he was pulling my energy except Russell Brand. All I know is he was pulling my energy at the same time he was wrestling in his Brazilian jiu jitsu class, but for what ever reason at this time he was inflicting pain upon my energy body.

This is Invasive! Sharing dreams with another person with out their consent is Invasive. Pulling another persons energy out of their body is Invasive and actions speak loudly! But as instincts have it I know nothing more than to protect myself from this invasive energy worker and his hindu energy worker friends.

Will it ever end? These people hurting me? Who is to say. Time will only tell. Please don't be become a Victim of Energy Vampirism and Psychic Attacks. Learn to Protect your Energy Body and Aura. You only have one so take care of it!

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