Could Energy Worker katy Perry be responsible for Sister Holzman death?

Lets way out the possibilities that Katy Perry could have been responsible for Sister Catherine Rose Holzman's death, shall we. You can read about the Court Battle Sister Cullanan and Sister Holzman went through with Pop Singer Katy Perry, in which Sister Holzman would later die during the court proceedings. Read about it here at this link called Katy Perry's lawsuit packs killer roar that made nun drop dead in court.

Katy Perry has been working over the past four years with Hindu Energy Workers, psychic mediums energy workers from New York and California, a psychic development energy worker teacher from Port Charlotte, Florida, A Reiki Energy worker from Pennsylvania and Satanic Sorcerers who work with demons to put holes in my aura and attach demonic entities to my energy body to slowly hurt me and possibly kill me.

What did I do to cause Katy Perry have people hurt me and maybe possibly kill me you might say.

She attacked me with psychic attacks because I was in her way. She attacked me because she was trying to stop me from ever getting money back that was stolen from me.

I suspect she is friends with attorneys, in a state that I am from, that stole millions of dollars from my trustfund in 2007 and these same Attorneys have a breach of Fiduciary with my trust and they use my mother's name with identity theft.

As well Katy's manager Bradford Cobb is from Hernando, Mississippi and I suspect he is also friends with these attorneys. I have been speaking out about what has happened to me over the last 4 years on my blog page because I want to share my experiences with everyone else with what I went through with Targeted psychic attacks with these people. 

These people will not stop until they get what they want. They have been coming after me for 4 year and half years. They have an agenda with my life and because of what has happened to me over the past four years. I suspect that Katy Perry intentionally sent her Hindu Energy Workers, psychic medium energy workers and Satanic Sorcerers to also attack sister Holzman with psychic attacks and in the end they ultimately caused her death.

How would they attack her with out physically touching her. Easy! By using Energy Work on the Nun and there by causing her to get holes in her Aura and by pulling her Energy with a group of energy workers could cause the Nun to have a heart attack. They could pull her energy 24 hours a day if they felt like it.

I did not read Sister Holzman's autopsy report but if she died of a heart attack when she was in Court on March 9, 2018  then it is highly possible she died of one because Katy Perry had her energy workers were pulling on the Sister's energy. I know what these people are capable of. I have witnessed it over the past four year and half years. Their psychic attacks on me and my energy body are merciless.

I do not know if Sister Catherine Rose Holzman was of good health when she passed, but I do know this! If Katy Perry wants something and you are in her way. Then don't be surprised if you get hurt if you don't get out of her way and let her have what she is after.

Here is a link to an article posted March 8, 2018 that speaks about Katy Perry attending the Met Gala in 2018 in Los Angeles called Katy Perry goes balls-to-the-wall with Met Gala theme with her 'Catholic Imagination.’

I sat here and contemplated to myself why Katy Perry would wear this Angel Wings outfit to the Met Gala 2018 and why she wore this outfit just days before Sister Holzman passed away, God Rest her Soul, in a Los Angeles court room and what does this signifies.

She wore it because she wants people to think she is a God and the Angel Wings could possibly mean passing of someone or that she wants to be very Clear to everyone as to how she feels about the Catholic Church or should I say Catholic Nuns not giving her what she wants.

She looks as though she is trying to intimidate people. She wants to be up in your face so to speak. But it is easier for her energy worker Hindus to just astral project to her Victims and pull their energy that way.

I feel very sorry for Sister Holzman. I am not Catholic, but I don't see myself any better than Sister Holzman or Hindus, Muslims or Buddist for that fact. We are all equal in Gods Eyes.

It hurts me to think that Katy Perry could be responsible for Sister Holzman passing, but my intuition and Katy Perry's track record tell me that there is a high possibility this is the case.

Katy Perry has blood on her hands. Sister Rita Callanan has even reached out to Pope Francis asking him to intervene in the sale of the convent. Below is a photo of the Convent sold to Katy Perry by The Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

But to our dismay Pope Francis decided to instead welcome Katy Parry with open arms to the Vatican on May 9. Exactly two months after Sister Holzman had passed away. You can learn more about this visit Katy Perry had with Pope Francis at this you tube link below here.

Katy Perry and her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, attended the event together at the Vatican. So that Katy Perry may speak about meditation. Katy Perry stated to everyone while at the Vatican " Happy Saturday everyone, I'm here in Rome at the Vatican, to speak on meditation. I'm with momma, my darling [Orlando], and my manager, Steve! It's a great day! I am so excited! She told fans on Instagram Stories.

She also posted a video of the moment she met the Pope and shook his hands and later Pope Francis stressed in his speech the importance of preventative care and praised new advances in curing autoimmune, neurogenerative diseases and in the field of regenerative medicine.

Meanwhile Sister Callanan is still grieving the loss of Sister Holzman and broke from spending all her money on court cost, she can barely feed her self and she is battling breast cancer 24 hours a day. What has the world come to I say.

The times are a changing with the wind like Bob Dylan sings. People with Money and Power are sending these messages out into our communities with their actions. And Believe Me. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDLY.

Please don't be a Victim of Psychic Attacks upon your energy field by any Energy Worker/Psychic Vampire. Learn to Protect to Energy.

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