Jackson Rathbone AKA Lestat DeLioncourt often Targeted me with Psychic Attacks in 2018

Energy Workers Targeted Me!

Energy Worker Jackson Rathbone targeted me with Psychic Attacks in 2018 by pulling my energy out of my body and there by putting holes in my Aura with the help of some of his close Vampires friends.

The the first time I met Jackson was on a vampire community website chat line when he was with his friend Drew. On this chat line he ripped my aura and took a tasted of my energy field. It was a little painful actually and as this happened I remote viewed him with Drew Salisbury.

Both of these Energy Workers/self identified vampires we're attending with me a psychic attack self defense webinar that Michelle Ballinger was hosting on her website. I do not feel that Michelle knew of the plans these people had with my energy field or even if they did have plans to begin with my energy field.

I for one have no idea if they planned to target me at that time or was it just a coincidence, but sometimes I do feel that there are never coincidence. Things happen because they are supposed to happen.

The second time I came into contact with Energy Worker/self identified Vampire Jackson Rathbone, who sometimes likes to portray sometimes the Vampire Lestat Delioncourt, was while I was at the gym for an afternoon work out.

At the time when he came to me he was pushing his energy into my body through negative energetic cords of attachment. This was not the first time that I had actually met him. This is the first time that he had actually pushed his energy into me.

Before and while he came to me at the gym he was in astral projection form. I was very surprised because he was pushing his energy into my energy body through negative energetic attachments.

This gave me a huge boost of energy while I was working out at the gym. I actually thought it was kind of funny because at the time I didn't understand what was going on and what Jackson was doing to me energetically. Then while he was pushing his energy into me I noticed that he moved and he was moving in astral projection form to a couple of people because I was able to remote view him and his actions.

I saw him actually astral project and intrude in on psychic medium John Edward and his energy worker friend from Elizabethtown Pennsylvania, Amber Nightingale, while they were in a hotel room together. I remote viewed this because of the energy exchange between me and Jackson.

I was able to remote view him intruding in on the couple through the negative energetic attachments I have to my body and the energy exchange. I am not really sure to tell you the truth why Jackson was connecting energetically to John Edward and Amber Nightingale, but in any case I really didn't have a say so in what was going at the time to me and I could not even stop what was going on at the time even if I wanted.

These people have been intentionally targeting me energetically. It's just kind of odd that at the same time Jackson was targeting me and pushing his energy into me and giving me an energy boost he was also targeting two other people that have been attacking me with psychic attacks for almost four years now.

The people intentionally targeting me energetically are Self Help Guru, energy worker/ psychic medium John Edward and Energy Worker Amber Nightingale. Together they both have both been pulling my energy out of my body on a regular bases there by putting holes in my Aura and causing illnesses to my body and sleepiness.

Amber Nightingale has been targeting me energetically with Psychic Attacks since 2017 and John has been targeting my energy field with psychic attack since 2015. These people have been trying to slowly hurt me if not kill me by putting holes in my aura and disrupting my energy field in and around my physical body.

John has gone as far as to send demonic entities & Djinn to me. They have attach to my energy body/Aura in the area where these holes have formed and created by energy workers psychic medium John Edward and his friend Psychic Development Teacher Sandy anastasi.

Psychic medium Jonathan Louis also sent lower-level demonic entities to me and attached them to my aura as well. He worked at a different time with a sorcerer from Los Angeles who worked with demonic entities to attach to Demonic entities to my aura. You can read about the Demonic Entities inflicted on me by John Edward, Sandy Anastasi, and Jonathan Louis January 11, 2015 at the link called The Demonic possession inflicted onto me by Medium John Edward and Medium Jonathan Louis was my wake up call.

I have been intentionally targeted with Psychic Attacks by Psychic Medium John Edward, Katy Perry, Russell Brand and now Energy Worker Sangarian Vampires that are in an Anne Rices Fan group Club.

At the same time when Jackson was targeting me energetically the Summer of 2018 so was Amber Nightingale, Psychic Medium Nate Riccio and Psychic Medium Chris DeSerio targeting my energy field for over a 48 hour period.

It started July 4 into July 5th and 6th. While Amber was at Lily Dale Psychic School in Lily Dale New York doing a book signing for her book "Brave Soul."

I suspect all of the people I have mentioned have a connection with each other. I suspect they definitely do. I thought about it for quite some time after remote viewing John Edward and Katy Perry speaking to each other.

Katy Perry would later bring Comedian Russell Brand into my life through negative energetic attachments attached to my body in July of 2018. These two intentionally intruded into my energy field with out any warning.

Are all these happenings related? Were these attacks towards me set into play by these people as a group as a whole?

Is it part of their agenda to take me out? To kill me by putting demons on me and pulling on my energy and there by causing chaos in my life and in my energy field.

Hurting me possibly and possibly killing me, but does this matter to these people? Sure it matters to them. They have an agenda and it's with my life.

Less than a week after my second energy visit with Jackson Rathbone I then remote viewed him with his friends in a Anne Rice novel kind of theatrical play of some sort.

First male to the left is Drew Salisbury, next is Energy Worker Jackson Rathbone who is portraying Lestat DeLioncourt and next to his right is Author Anne Rice and to her left is Armand J. O'Meara. These people are Self Identified Vampires except for Anne Rice. The picture was taken at the ARVLFC Ball in New Orleans.

I remote viewed what seemed to be parts of Anne Rice's novel Interview with the Vampire being played out.

I saw a girl with a wig on and she was saying "Oh Louie." And I am assuming that she was that little vampire girl from Anne Rice's novel Interview with a Vampire.

I was telepathically hearing comments as I was remote viewing physical actions being playing out by Jackson Rathbone who was playing the Vampire Lestat DeLioncourt with his Self Identified Vampire friends.

Meanwhile as this was going on out of nowhere this other vampire comes rushing in to the event that was being played out and I was telepathically told that he wanted Jackson Rathbone to stop what he was doing to me.

The friend is Armond J. O'Meara. He demanded that Jackson cease all operations of his agenda with my energy field or so it seemed this was the case.

Armand was very adamant as he begged his friend to stop his psychic attacks upon my energy body. He told him to stop repeatedly. He said you are making a mistake leave this woman alone. In the end Jackson did not listen to his friend Armand.

Jackson refused to listen his friends warning and not too long after Armond begged Jackson to Stop. I would then remote view Armand bringing Jackson a large Goblet of blood to quench his thirst and give him energy to keep him going. Below is a composite photo of Jackson Rathbone and his Self Identified vampire buddies.

Of course there's love and there's passion in the Vampire coven life, but is there compassion and love for me a mere mortal. A human who is not turned into a vampire. I would think not because I amm not in their group and I'm not initiated into anything that they are affiliated with in any way.

As time went by and the months rolled on I would hear telepathic remarks about a Ball that was going to be held in New Orleans. It was a Anne Rice fan club AFRVLC Ball held October 25th, 2018.

For some reason I felt a pull and attraction to come to New Orleans and attend this Ball because of the negative energetic attachments I had with Jackson and with some of his close friends. Meanwhile I don't have funds to go and I'm in a relationship with someone.

These psychic attacks on my bodies energy field and towards me I feel were trying to break me up with my boyfriend at the time. Jackson new I'm in a relationship and as so do most people who know anything at all about me. He could remote view my boyfriend, but this I suspect was no matter to him because he had an agenda and I was on the top of that list.

By the time October came around and the ALVLFC Ball in New Orleans. I felt a lot of emotional energy from that event that went into play in October of 2018.

Afterwards a week or so later things got worse and I started to feel more people coming into my energy field pulling my energy. Multiple people coming with Jackson.

I was scared and confused. What am I going to do I thought to myself. How will I stop these Psychic Vampires, his friends from attacking my energy field.

So I joined a closed vampire community on Facebook called the Nova Vampire Community of New Orleans hosted by Belfazaar Michael Bousum Ashantison in hopes that I may find this self identified vampire and his coven and ask him to please stop attacking me with Psychic Attacks upon my energy field.

Despite all that has been going on in my life with these psychic attacks and all the energy drain that I have been experiencing from these Energy Workers.

I still go to extra lengths to protect my self from psychic attacks that they may inflict onto my energy field. As so should you too. Don't be a Victim like me. Learn to protect your energy body from an Energy Workers/Psychic Vampires who sees you as nothing more than a meal ticket and might be targeting you with Demons.

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