Katy Perry is an Energy Worker that likes to pull my Energy through cords of attachments!

This Newsletter is about an Energy Worker that is a very famous Pop Singer, Katy Perry.

For the world of me, in the beginning, I could not figure out why I kept remote viewing Psychic Medium John Edward at different times over the years to Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. As well I could feel his emotional energy when he was speaking to her.

Cords of attachments can allow a person to remote view the other persons actions and you can also feel the person's emotional energy as well.

I decided to learn about energetic cords of attachments because of the energy drain I was having from Psychic Medium John Edward and some of his close friends and coworkers. I wanted to know how to protect myself from these people hurting me and my energy field so I decided to learn about what it is they were doing to me.

Over the years I have taken classes on Energy Work and bought books about Energy Vampirism and have attended webinars that speak about Energy Vampirism and psychic attacks and currently I am a Reiki Master, who Loves working with energy.

We all have an energy body as well a physical body. You can't have one with out the other. They go together no mater what as long as you are alive. So why not learn about your energy body you carry around with you every day of your life so you can better take care of your health. So this is just what I did.

Since 2018 I have remote viewed at different times Psychic Medium/Energy Worker John Edward speaking to Katy Perry. I thought nothing about it really until last May in 2018. I woke up one night in May around three am-ish out of my sleep to look up above me and see a Hindu Indian Man in Astral Projection form in my room looking down on me with a hateful, evil smirk on his face directed towards ME!

At the time I just laughed back at him. During this time I was free of fear and I just laughed at him. At the time I just thought this invasive hindu energy worker was just hilarious.

This invasion by this hindu man really did occur. This is not made up and so are the rest of my claims I share on my Newsletters. I have also seen many different dead and alive people in Astral Projection form. I think the reason I'm able to see these people and they ask for playing is because I'm a Clairvoyant medium.

So the Indian from India was very angry with me and he meant business, and this is why he was sent to me.

I suspect the Hindu Indian is very good friends with Katy Perry in Los Angeles. I also suspect she sent him to me to attach negative energetic attachments to my body so she may, in my opinion torment me and pull my energy there by putting holes in my Energy Body/ Aura.

The next day after the strange energetic invasion I had the night before, I was made aware in the afternoon that Katy Perry was attached to my body with these negative energetic attachments. How was I made aware you might say. I do not know how to explain it really, but I will try.

It was like a light was turned on in a pitch black room that I was seeing in my mind and then "BOOM" all of a sudden I could see Katy Perry and her Hindu Energy Worker friend standing together next to each other and they were laughing.

I am assuming her Hindu Indian friend pulled my energy and meshed my energy with hers to form energetic attachments between me and her.

A month later after the initial energetic connection to Katy Perry. Katy Perry helped her Ex Husband Russel Brand connected to my energy body as well through negative energy attachments to my body.

The emotional energy Katy Perry has been sending me over the past 8 to 9 months has been nothing more than hateful and ugly. I know why she has been pulling my energy and it all stems from January of 2015 when Psychic Medium John Edward was in Los Angeles.

I suspect Katy Perry is hurting me energetically and my Aura/Energy Body because she is helping some people in Mississippi that want to hurt me and possibly kill me.

These People are White Collar Attorneys in Greenwood, Mississippi, that want me dead. I suspect are good friends with Katy Perry's manager, Bradford Cobb from Hernanado, Mississippi.

I suspect she wants to help protect these people that stole over 4 million dollars in World War 2 Series E savings bonds from my trust fund that was closed in 2007 and use my mother's name with identity theft by targeting me energetically.

These White Collar Attorneys are also politically connected with Former President Donald Trump and Politics in Mississippi.

The same Law Firm that stole over four million dollars from my trust also sent in the brother inlaw Dr. John McClean Trotter, I suspect give my mother a heart attack. I suspect my mother Brenda Flowers was murdered by Dr. John Trotter and the White Collar Attorneys at Melton Law Firm because of her involvement with the identity theft with these Organized Criminals.

Why do I feel my Mom was murdered by White Collar Masons at Melton Law Firm and cardiologist Mason Dr. Trotter, from Greenwood, Mississippi. The firm's brother in law to Mason Floyd Melton, 3rd is Mason Dr. John Trotter, the brother to OES Lisa Trotter Melton.

Because their motive was to embezzle 4 million of my assets that Melton's Law Firm never rendered over to me when they closed my trust fund in 2007 and as well they were using my mother's name with identity theft. Then my mother died from a heart attack while under these white collar attorneys care.

What is the connection with these people, John Edward and Jonathan Louis you might say. I speak about this connection in another Newsletter called The Demonic Possession inflicted upon me by Medium John Edward and Medium Jonathan Louis was my wake up call.

The Dominic Possession inflicted upon me by Psychic Medium Jonathan Louis and Psychic Medium John Edward on January 11, 2015 happened while they were in Los Angeles where Katy Perry lives.

Any person that knows about energy Vampirism knows it is possible to hurt the other person by pulling their energy through negative energetic attachments.

The holes that form on the layers of the person's Aura, from the Psychic Vampire/ Energy Worker pulling your energy, can cause your energy to slowly leek out through those holes.

Katy Perry in my opinion is a Deranged Psychopath with little feeling or remorse for her actions. She thinks her shit don't stink. Well it does stink very badly.

I feel like this woman thought I would never figure out what it is that she was doing to me, but I figured it out because it was meant to be!

Katy Perry has been working with Psychic Medium John Edward and other people who work with energy to make sure they are hurting me so that my life might be destroyed.

Katy Perry and John Edward have gone to great lengths to try to kill me with psychic attacks. I suspect some people have been payed to assist her in attacking my Aura and sending Demons to torment me.

As I go on with my life I know nothing more, as instincts have it, than to protect myself and family from this invasive energy worker and her evil attacks with psychic attacks upon my physical and energy body.

Don’t be a Victim of Psychic Attack like me. Learn to protect your self from Energy Workers/Psychic Vampires and people who are targeting you with Demons.

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