Remembering the last flight of Exstortion 17 on Veterans Day November 11 2019

This newsletter was originally posted on Veterans Day 2019 and is a repost. I was expressing my honor and appreciation to all who have served in the US Military and who are still serving on Veterans Day.

On this special day I thought it was time to finally share my story of my visit in 2011 with Navy SEALs that had crossed over after they were shot down in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011.

On this day our country lost 31 brave American warriors. These soldiers were shot down by the Taliban while traveling in a U.S. Boeing CH-47 Chinook military helicopter in Wardak province, west of Kabul, in Afghanistan. They were attempting to reinforce an engaged Unit of Army Rangers.

Below is a photo of a clip of SEAL Team Six being inserted by Extortion Company Chinooks. Extortion Company is the unit to which Extortion 17 belonged. The video is produced by Ed Darack and the footage is from a source in JSOC/USSOCOM

The crash resulted in killing 31 people and a military dog on board the military helicopter. This helicopter crash is considered the worst loss of US Military Life in a single incident and four military families whose sons died August 2011 placed some blame on the government for the helicopter crash.

Below here is a YouTube video with President Biden responding to being criticized for giving out too much public information and did he regret his actions identifying SEAL Team 6 as the operators of the mission.

The video is from Channel WAVY TV 10 and it is called Military families blame government for helicopter crash.

At the time when these SEALs were shot down I was locked up in jail for 27 days from an arrest in Broward County Florida for Domestic Violence.

I was falsely incarcerated in jail for a crime I did not commit. I also had no one that could sign my bond so I could get out of jail. Lucky for me the charge for Domestic Violence was eventually dropped and I was released from jail because the man who hit me had no signs of physical abuse to begin with.

My attorney who was a public defender got my charges dropped. I had originally been arrested because the police said I also attacked my boyfriend which was a lie. He was released from jail after spending a week in jail yet I had to do 27 days in jail for a crime I did not commit.

The police department took my picture while I was being booked into jail. In the photograph you see a huge black eye on my face. Below is my mugshot photo taken in Florida.

I was in a very physically abusive relationship for seven years with a former Navy SEAL who was on SEAL Team Six for 16 years.  He also gaslighted me while he stole my money to go out and buy crack.

Let me tell you first a little bit about myself. I am a clairvoyant medium. I also have had visions that for tell the future. All of this is possible because I was born a medium.

On August 6, 2011 while I was stuck in jail I was visited by the spirits of Navy SEALs that were shot down in the final flight of Exstortion 17.

When they came to me in spirit they were crossing over and I was in a lucid dream like state. When they first approached me in my lucid dream I remember distinctly hearing a solider ask me repeatedly where is Ty?

His question towards me also echoed off into the distance. When the Navy SEAL was asking where is Ty. All the while I could sence the spirit was very stressed out and scared.

I could also sense he was a white guy and he was very demanding in his request. I didn't understand what was going on at first. This was the first time I was ever visited by spirits crossing over.

In my lucid dream I tried to get away from this voice demanding to know where Ty is. In my lucid dream I tried to walk through door ways on a ship and I would then close the door behind me thinking this would help me escape from this demanding voice in my dream, but it did not help me escape.

Finally after a while of closing doors behind me I decided to scream out HERE HE IS. HERE IS Ty.

I then remember seeing Ty standing in front of me in my lucid dream looking down very sad. I then immediately woke up from what I thought at the time was just a strange dream.

About thirty minutes later I went and sat down at a table in the area where we all ate lunch and dinner. I sat at the table and prepared to sing Christian hymns early that morning between 9 and 10 am on August 6, 2011 because I was housed in the Christian unit of the jail.

Shortly after I sat down I was not prepared to see what I saw. Then I began singing Christian hymns while I looked above me because my View was directed above me while I sat at my table. I felt drawn to look upwards.

As I looked upwards I then noticed above me standing side by side at least 12 to 15 different Navy SEAL Soldiers all dressed differently hovering completely still above me. Their emotional energy started to come through to me again. I was very taken back by what I was seeing and I started to cry profusely because of what I was seeing before my very eyes and as well their emotional energy I was feeling was over whelming at the time.

I then knew that these were the solders that were shot down in the Chinook. I cried quite a bit at that moment when these soldiers spirits came into full view. I was caught completely off guard at the time and was not expecting to see what I saw.

I then knew that these were the solders that were shot down in the Chinook. I cried quite a bit at that moment when these soldiers spirits came into full view. I was caught completely off guard at the time and was not expecting to see what I saw.

My experience was very real. Yet I don’t understand why they came to me in spirit. Besides the fact I was dating someone that they were very close to I am assuming or they came to me in spirit because I am an open channel maybe that could easily receive them. I do feel though that these soldiers were already prepared for death when ever it was to finally arrive if it ever did. Below is a photo of the Army Chinook Helicopter that was Carrying the Solders.

The 30 Americans that died in the helicopter crash represent the greatest loss of US Military Lives in single in incident. 30 serviceman and one dog lost that lost their lives in the military helicopter crash are listed below.

1. SGT Alexander J. Bennett

  1. SPC Spencer Duncan

  1. CWO Bryan J. Nichols

  1. CWO David R. Carter

  1. SSG Patrick D. Hamburger

  1. TSgt John W. Brown

  1. SSgt Andrew W. Harvell 

  1. TSgt Daniel L. Zerbe

  1. PO1 (Seal) Darrick C. Benson

  2. CPO (SEAL) Brian R. Bill

  3. PO1 (SEAL) Christopher G. Campbell

12. PO1 Jared W. Day

  1. PO1 John Douangdara & Navy SEAL Dog "Bart"

  2. CPO (SEAL) John W. Faas

  3. CPO (SEAL) Kevin A. Houston

  4. Lt. Cmdr. (SEAL) Jonas B. Kelsall

  5. MCPO (SEAL) Louis J. Langlais

  6. CPO (SEAL) Mathew D. Mason

  7. CPO (SEAL) Stephen M. Mills

  8. CPO Nicholas H. Null

  9. PO1 (SEAL) Jesse D. Pittman

  10. SCPO (SEAL) Thomas A. Ratzlaff

  11. CPO (SEAL) Robert J. Reeves

  12. CPO (SEAL) Heath M. Robinson

  13. PO2 (SEAL) Nicholas P. Spehar

  14. PO1 Michael J. Strange

  15. PO1 (SEAL) Jon T. Tumilson

  16. PO1 (SEAL) Aaron C. Vaughn

29. SCPO Kraig M. Vickers

30. PO1 (SEAL) Jason R. Workman

These fallen soldiers left behind more than just memories. They also left behind a legacy to honor. Our nation must never forget these heros who gave their all for our country.

On this Veterans Day I ask you to please take the time to remember the legacy they and our service men and women have left behind. Their patriotism and valor are the reasons we can enjoy the freedom we all have today. To all who have served and to those who are currently serving, I salute you, for your service and sacrifice.

Happy Veterans Day.

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